Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Columbine named to 50 Coolest Book Covers Ever

How cool is this? just picked the "50 Coolest Book Covers Ever," with titles like 1984, Catch-22 and Clockwork Orange. (And yes, In Cold Blood.) And . . . 

. . . my first book, Columbine

That is sweet company. 

I am ever grateful to Henry Sene Yee for designing such a memorable cover, and Jon Karp for gathering an amazing team to work on my book.

When the book came out, before it won him a slew of design awards, Henry posted on his blog, explaining his whole artistic process of conceiving the ideas, trying out completely different versions (with pictures shown), and making it happen. It's a great read.

(And I'll use this opportunity, once again, to thank all the gracious readers who keep recommending the book, spreading the word, especially all the high school students and teachers who have embraced it.  

And thanks to Barnes & Noble and a lot of independents for putting it back out on display tables. That's really helping people discover it.)