Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Yoga: a welcome addition, but . . .

I started yoga, finally, three weeks ago, and absolutely love it. Mostly.

This morning was a bit of a struggle. It's going to be a long road.

I started with a lot of negativity today. Not sure why: just woke up a little tired. I looked forward to yoga, but it was a strain right away, and my brain went right to, "God. Three times a week for the rest of my life?"

Plus, I've been doing everything imaginable to help my back. Started a daily spreadsheet of activities, pain and tightness to document what leads to the next bad patch, and used it to log every time I stretch, shooting for five times a day of 10-15 minutes.

And I was very happy about it, until this morning it suddenly seemed like a huge, endless struggle.

But I felt much better at the end of yoga. I've got a great teacher, too--Tim Bouldry at David Barton Gym. He's always exuding joy and plus he said he was proud of me today. That helped immeasurably.

Helped. It will be a challenging day.

Friday, April 8, 2011

This makes writing 'Columbine' worth it. Again

Two years after the birth of my book Columbine, I had quietly come to the unconscious conclusion, that it had finished surprising me. Then I went downstairs for today's mail.

Truthfully, I ran down to get my royalty check, which I really need, and it wasn't there, but something better was. Four bulging manila envelops from the same address: Fremd High School, where I'd appeared at their Writer's Week last month to talk about Columbine.

It was an incredible day and I am so behind on posting about it--which I will, with great pictures. But the gist was: two great sessions with students, back-to-back in their auditorium, maybe 600-800 each, followed by two hours in the teacher's lounge talking to students and teachers in small groups and signing their books. They were bright and energized and it was amazing. But it didn't prepare me for this:


This was the best I could capture on my iPhone. It's about a two-inch stack of thank you letters: