Monday, March 1, 2010

Launch Week: My expanded paperback edition of COLUMBINE

Here's the scary bit: my paperback launches this week, and I have no clue what I should be doing. I have almost no idea what makes a paperback hit. And it seems eerily quiet.

I spent 20 years learning how publishers launched hardcovers. I still feel like a beginner there, but a slightly-educated beginner. Paperback launches, I've barely even read about. Not for lack of trying. No one seems that interested. I am.

So the book is out there, and here is my attempt to midwife it a little:

I'd love your ideas, and help spreading the word. Thanks.

Launch Week

Mon: Unveil the expanded edition. (Thumbnails here; much more below.)

Columbine paperback afterword Linda MauserColumbine paperback Eric Harris journal

Tues: Live updates & photos & from  my trip to NYC (on Facebook & here)

Wed: The Discover Awards ceremony (noon ET). Live photos and updates here and Facebook.

Th: Rest. (Or pretend I will.) 

Fri:  Lesson Plans for COLUMBINE for college or high school courses. We hope to have the first ones to post Friday: English lit and psychology.

Expanded Paperback

 Here are the major additions, with snippets of each I scanned in.

1. New 12-page afterword: "Forgiveness."
I spent another year examining three disparate victims' struggles with grief and recovery nearly 11 years later. I hope you find it as rewarding as I did. It also includes startling new revelations of four secret meetings with the killers' parents. (Link is to an excerpt we just ran in The Daily Beast.)

Columbine paperback afterword Linda Mauser

2. Actual journal pages from Eric Harris & Dylan Klebold (several pages in the book):.Columbine paperback Eric Harris journal

3. Book Club Discussion Questions (19 questions in the book):Columbine-paperback Book Club questions

4.Diagram of Columbine High School and environs.

5. Large-print edition (newly available, also paperback. )
Other formats include Kindle, Nook, and unabridged audibook on CD, cassette, MP3 on CD, or Autographed copies available.

The official release date is Wednesday, but it's available now at Amazon and Barnes & Noble, and in most indie stores and physical B&N stores.  (Use the BN link to order online or check availability at a store nearby.) Amazon has it for $9.35.

Please Help

Please spread the word by posting some or all of this to:
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Thanks so much for your help.
  •  Photos from the original book tour coming.
  • Announcement on touring, presentation options coming.

Awards Summary

If your friends are skeptical,  they can check out the summary of awards Columbine has won. Extended passages from most reviews are there, too. Highlights:
  • LA Times Book Award finalist (winner announced in April) 
  • Edgar Award finalist (winner announced in April)
  • Discover Award finalist (winner announced Wednesday)
  • Audie Award finalist (winner announced soon)
  • GoodReads Award winner (Best Nonfiction Book of 2009)
  • Best Education Book of 2009 (by American School Board Journal)
  • Named to two dozen Best of 2009 lists, including NY Times, LA Times, Publishers Weekly, Salon, iTunes, Amazon, American Library Association.
  • NY Times Bestseller (for 8 weeks in hardcover, peaking at #3)

Columbine awards list

Book Trailer